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Religious Projects

Over the last 70 years, Redden has designed and built over 230 major house-of-worship facilities and over 200 smaller projects for congregations. We understand churches’ unique requirements, such as the types of spaces needed and how projects are funded. Whether you’re looking for a renovation, expansion, or a brand new design-build, our goal is to enhance your church’s mission through a unique, tailored design. Contact us online or call (602) 271-0595 to learn more about our religious projects.

Enhancing the Worship Experience

Churchs are peaceful sanctuaries, and they should be designed as such. Redden Construction offers a variety of ways in which your church can be upgraded, enhanced, or built without compromising its inherent architectural design.

Our Religious Construction Services

We offer comprehensive design-build, general contracting, pre-construction, and construction management services for churches and other religious centers. When you choose Redden Construction, we handle every detail with your valued input in mind. We believe in collaborating for each project to ensure everything is built efficiently and seamlessly.

For any religious construction, our team will provide a thorough estimated cost, develop a schedule, and review site logistics to limit disruption to church services.

Dedicated Contractors for Religious Constructions

At Redden Construction, your faith is just as important to the Phoenix community as it is to us. Turn to our trusted builders to enhance your place of worship. Call (602) 271-0595 to learn more.