St. Henry Catholic Church

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written on behalf and in support of Redden Construction who are in process of bidding for the St. Rose, Anthem church construction project for the Diocese of Phoenix.

St. Henry parish in Buckeye worked with Redden on two major construction projects in 2012-2013 and 2014-2015, our parish hall/chapel/plaza project and our parish office complex, respectively.

We found Redden’s approach to be very hands-on as the accompanied us throughout the pre-planning & development stages.  They understand cost-cutting needs and value engineering.  Redden was timely in their scheduling and able to make adjustments as plans were altered here and there. They also followed up appropriately after we received our COA and fulfilled their quality guarantees during our period of warranty.

We were pleased with their work and they were always willing to meet with both parish and diocesan officials to discuss aspects of the projects. I felt that Redden Construction was always available for my questions as they coached me through the projects.  I ended up gaining quite a lot of knowledge about construction and how the process works including permitting, bidding, and scheduling.  We plan to use them again as we prepare for our next project in 2024.

I recommend Redden Construction for any project within the Diocese of Phoenix.


Fr. William J. Kosco