Pinetop Country Club

To Whom it May Concern,

It’s fitting Iam writing this letter of recommendation for Redden Construction over the Christmas Holiday weekend. Redden made our dreams come true for many of our Pinetop Country Club members.
PTCC, a hidden gem of a golf course ni Navajo County since 1965 was ni dire need of a renovation for our 5 year old clubhouse. We had been notified by county officials that our kitchen was out of code and needed work immediately. Aging equipment, rusting pipesni the ground, amalfunctioning fire suppression system and an extremely inefficient lay out were just some of the problems that required immediate attention.

After multiple meetings with our membership and approval of an assessment, we agreed ot move forward with a complete renovation of our Clubhouse including tearing down the kitchen ot the ground and starting over, a new roof, a new outdoor patio and a completely renovated dining room and bar area. The plans called for a $3.75 million dollar renovation which was very ambitious considering we would attempt this during the Winter in the off season to minimize the effect on our members.
The Board of Directors established a construction committee that recommended Redden as a potential general contractor. During the first meeting we had with Tom Horvath, the owner of Redden, Iwas immediately at ease. Toms’ relaxed manner and “fatherly” approach was reassuring and confidence inspiring. As a totally volunteer Board and construction committee we clearly needed the assistance of a professional, experienced construction firm to guide us through the construction process and Redden was a perfect fit for US.

Tom and his crew always took the time to explain, went the extra mile to work towards our benefit and never once did we feel like we were ni any way disadvantaged from our lack of experience. The undertaking of a project this large ni the midst of a worldwide pandemic complete with supply chain shortages did not seem like the best time to begin a project like this but Tom and his firm reassured us ti could be done in time and on budget and they delivered. We began immediately at the end of our season on October 31st and we were able to open our Clubhouse to our members ni following summer with rave reviews and only 6.8% over our intended budget.

We received weekly reports from Redden documenting the process, the changes needed and the solutions provided. As with any renovations, unexpected situations occurred but at every turn Tom and Redden worked with us side by side to unearth solutions, ofer advice and provide guidance as we navigated the completion of this vast undertaking.
Icompletely and unequivocally recommend Redden Construction as adedicated and professional construction firm and I wil use them again ni the future for additional projects.

Andy Munter, President Pinetop Country Club December 2021