Redden Construction, Inc.

Why Select Redden

Quality since 1952!  

Redden has not only created beautiful buildings and structures, but has built over 1,000 “unconditionally satisfied customers”.  An unconditionally satisfied customer is not just a slogan but a genuine culture within our organization. Our people understand that it is the Owner whom we work for, not Redden, who pays them.

Redden exemplifies integrity! 

Our open book style project management builds optimum trust.

Redden Construction delivers optimum Value!    

Non-Profit organizations and those owners who have challenging building circumstances are attracted to Redden Construction because they see we deliver more value.

Redden is transparent and fair! 

All of our subcontractor bids are revealed to the owner. The owner helps select the best combination of bids, we partner with the owner to minimize general condition costs and then we negotiate a simple single digit percentage fee.  Every contract modification is clearly detailed and explained. And the result is all of the project contingency is returned to the Owner!

We are Unique!
We are “hands on” kind of people. The president does project management (and fishes on the fly). Our field staff can self-perform nearly every trade and operate most any type of equipment or tool with proficiency.

Ingenuity is alive! Our team has the experience and engineering skills to create the safest, most cost effective, quickest, most reliable and maintainable solution for your building challenge.

Professional Management!   Our accounting and project management systems are built around the Timberline software system.

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