Redden Construction, Inc.



Idea Generation
To bring the most success to your project, our team listens to your needs and generates a list of ideas from our years of experience and dedication to staying abreast with current possibilities. 
Your project's success is only as strong as your team can make it.  Redden Construction brings a dedicated team of true visionary professionals to your project. 


Redden Construction takes partnering with your team to the next level.  By utilizing Sage 300 Construction Project Management, we tie all parties together into a top-to-bottom integrated solution that allows for real time project status.
Your project has the greatest chance of maximum success by having a clear, measurable path to follow.  Redden Construction can lay this plan out for you and help you track and maintain your path to success.
Budget Control
Utilizing strong partners along with solid schedules, budgets will be outlined from the start.  
Lack of surprises in the build = lack of surprises in the budget.


Schedule Control
Milestone Gantt schedules are built from the start to outline the project.  Any changes or updates are shared in real time with all involved parties so any adjustment may be made across the board without any loss due to miscommunication.
Quality Control
All projects receive a full time on site superintendent and a project manager dedicated to the success of YOUR project.
All materials and finishes are run through the submittal and approval process so you can see, and approve, the product before it's installed!
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